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Contains all the web applications if any to be created.

	useclaims="true" | "false"
	retractable="true" |"false"
	deleteiis="true" |"false"
	deletecontentdatabases="true" |"false"

Attribute Description
name Required Text. Specifies the display name of the web application.
applicationpool Required Text. Specifies the name of the application pool. The app pool will be created as part of creating the web app.
applicationpoolaccount Required Text. Account name in the format domain\<account> for the application pool.
url Required Text. Specifies the url of the web app in the format http://<webappurl>:<port>.
port Required Integer. Specifies the port of the web app.
databasename Required Text. Content database name for the web app. It will use an existing SQL content database or create a new one. See ContentDatabase for modifying the settings of the content database created for a web app after it's created.
useclaims Required Boolean. Specifies whether to use claims based authentication.
retractable Required Boolean. Determines if the web app can be deleted or not. True to delete the web app, false to prevent it from being deleted.
deleteiis Required Boolean. Specifies if the IIS site should be deleted if the web app is deleted.
deletecontentdatabases Required Boolean. Specifies if the content databases should be deleted if the web app is deleted.
defaultquota Optional Text. Specify a default quota for the web app. All new site collections within that we app will be set to this quota.
maxfilesize Optional Integer. Specifies the maximum file size that can be uploaded for the web app.
daytoshownewindicator Optional Integer. Specifies the number of days to show the New indicator on new items.

Child Elements:
<ManagedPaths>, <UserSolutions>, <Features>, <ContentDatabases>, <OutGoingEmail>, <SelfService>, <SiteCollections>

Parent Elements:

Minimum: 1
Maximum: Unlimited

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