Project Description
The AutoSPDeploy for SharePoint 2010 will create web applications, managed paths, site collections and sites. It will also deploy solutions and activate or deactivate out of the box and custom features. It is designed so that it can be run again within the same farm.

You can also use AutoSPDeploy to perform a retraction. It will retract and remove solutions and delete web applications, site collections and sites (they can be set to retractable or not).

How to use:
  1. Edit AutoSPDeployerInput.xml. Update the file with your settings such as the SQL server and desired web apps, site collections and site structure.
  2. Run AutoSPDeployerLaunch.bat. This file will prompt you to select Deploy (hit D) or Retract (hit R).
  3. Verify the deployment or retraction was successful.

NOTE - AutoSPDeploy creates databases for the web applications using DBPrefix_databaseName naming convention. This is identical to how the databases are named in the AutoSPInstaller scripts so if you've used that to install your farm, you can maintain similar database names.

The scripted process will:
  • New! Set default out going email for the farm
  • Create multiple Web Applications.
  • New! Specify default quota per web application
  • New! Specify out going email settings per web application
  • New! Specify max upload size per web application
  • New! Specify the number of days to show the New indicator
  • New! Specify self service settings per web application (with or without secondary contact required)
  • Create multiple content databases per web application (site collections can be configured to select which databse they will be created in).
  • Create or delete multiple managed paths within each web application.
  • Create multiple site collections within each web application.
  • New! Will try to provision and/or assign a certificate (all you need is an https://-based URL in the input XML)
  • Specify a quota for each site collection.
  • Create multiple sites an sub sites within each site collection.
  • Add and deploy farm and web app based custom solutions.
  • Create Site Quota Templates.
  • Set up Managed accounts to be used for the Web Applications.
  • Activate or deactivate out of the box and/or custom features at the farm, web app, site or web scopes.
  • Activate 'Global Features'. Allows you to specify features to be activated across all sites within a site collection.
  • Adds the Cache Super User and Reader to the web apps.
  • Can be rerun to add additional components such as new sites or solutions or to deactivate/activate features.
  • New! Can be run in retraction mode to retract solutions and/or web applications, site collections or sites (configurable)
  • Web Applications can be set to delete or not to delete IIS web sites and/or Content Databases
  • Log all activity to a file on the current user's desktop, and pop open the log file for review when finished.

To Do:
  • add the ability to create additional content databases within the web apps and allow site collections to be created therein.
  • add retraction support for sites and site collections.
  • add the ability to create quotas and set quotas for site collections.
  • Fix SSL
  • Additional settings and retraction options.
  • Try to help prevent orphaned features.

The AutoSPDeploy scripts are heavily based on work done by Brian lala on the AutoSPInstaller project which I highly recommend using to install and configure your farm before running AutoSPDeploy for deployment.

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